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Treatment of shoulder instability due to glenoid bone loss can be challenging. Click on the link to view the videos of shoulder and knee surgeries performed by dr thompson. Also interacting with the staff at medinc and at the hospitals i helped cover. Preparation of allinside hamstring autograft with internal brace graft for acl reconstruction with double suspensory fixation. Implant systems arthrex esutures the suture superstore. Striving to fulfill their mission to help surgeons treat their patients better and pioneering the field of arthroscopy, arthrex has developed over 11,000. Arthroscopic latarjet procedure combined with bankart. Latarjetcoracoid process transfer for glenoid deficiency arthrex. The effects of latarjet reconstruction on glenohumeral. No reruptures, sural nerve injuries, or wound dehiscence. Romeo thoroughly describes relevant anatomy and demonstrates techniques for obtaining excellent glenoid exposure, both with and without the coracoid in place. Major factors associated with failure of bankarts surgery are. A guided surgical approach and novel fixation method for. Arthrex is a world leader in new product development and medical education in orthopedics.

Headquartered in naples, florida, with offices around the world, arthrex is a medical device company constantly developing industryleading orthopedic products and medical education. He offers comprehensive treatment for knee problems which include knee pain, injuries and fractures. Shoulder surgery videos bangor me acl reconstruction. He highlights the options of using an iliac crest autograft, distal tibia allograft, or traditional latarjet technique to correct a glenoid boneloss defect through a subscapularis split. Miniopen latarjet with graft fixation with arthrex miniplate provides satisfactory.

The glenoid bone loss set helps surgeons address the complex. Miscellaneous arthrex esutures the suture superstore. Videos surgical technique 569 brostrom repair with internal brace 2. A custom distal tibia allograft cutting device arthrex, naples, fl is used to perform necessary cuts of the. Arthroscopic bristow acta of shoulder and elbow surgery. The congruent arc latarjet technique developed by dr. Congruent arc latarjet the glenoid bone loss set includes unique instrumentation and implants to make the open latarjet technique more consistent and repeatable. Surgical technique arthrex published by guset user, 20160108 20. Amc will determine the level of acuity and proceed with scheduling from there. Perth shoulder and knee surgery dr david colvin 3,843 views. Its highstrength, allsuture design and biomechanical properties make fibertape cerclage an ideal adjunct for stabilization. An example of a technique i use in my surgical practice.

An anterior inferior portal created just superior to the lateral subscapularis tendon, using a threaded 7 or 8. Univers ii total shoulder system university of washington. Bruising hematoma is a risk associated with any surgical procedure. Pdf contraindications and complications of the latarjet procedure. Arthrexs medical education faculty educated more than 1,500 surgeons the past nine months. Arthrex latarjetcoracoid process transfer for glenoid. Patel rm, walia p, gottschalk l, kuklis m, miniaci a, jones mh, fening sd. The outcomes and surgical techniques of the latarjet.

Surgical technique arthrex pages 1 28 text version. The increase in bone area by securing the coracoid to the glenoid and resultant soft tissue sling from tendon attachments on the coracoid leads to a stabilized glenohumeral joint. Best implant choice for coracoid graft fixation during the latarjet. Arthrex is an awesome place to work, the growing campus in naples is really impressive, and they support innovation in their products and in how they work. Clinical and radiological outcome after miniopen latarjet technique. Arthrex helping surgeons treat their patients better.

Collisions and falls predispose the bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Arthroscopic latarjet and bankart technique this technique guide, used with the medical devices included herein, is not approved for use in the us or canada. It helps keep the head of the humerus from slipping out of the glenoid. In my experience, they invest in their employees and offer the best tools the best. Latarjetcoracoid process transfer for glenoid deficiency. Arthroscopic guided latarjet and bankart surgical technique. There are a few modifications of the original techniques described by latarjet. Pdf the latarjet procedure is a wellknown, safe and reliable. Common reconstructive techniques include the latarjet procedure coracoid transfer or glenoid augmentation using autograft iliac crest. Pdf arthroscopic remplissage and open latarjet procedure for. A metaanalysis of a single incision versus double incision surgical technique. Sign up for whats new vet systems stay up to date with the latest techniques and innovations sign up sign up. A total of 334 studies were subsequently excluded because they were on an irrelevant topic, used an arthroscopic technique, or were not.

With a corporate mission of helping surgeons treat their patients better, arthrex has pioneered the field of arthroscopy and developed more than 1,000 innovative products and surgical. Pascal boileau, and contains a summary of techniques and opinions based upon his training and expertise. A miniopen technique using a drill guide arthrex and two 4mm cannulated cancellous screws based on the surgical technique of the modified latarjet procedure as described by walch 30 an. Normal and pathological anatomy of the shoulder gregory. Humeral head resection the humerus is dislocated from the glenoid using a flat retractor eg. The glenoid bone loss set includes unique instrumentation and implants to make the open latarjet technique more consistent and repeatable. Acta of shoulder and elbow surgery volume 1 issue 1 octdec 2016 page 2734 jose carlos garcia jr. Arthrex latarjet procedure cadaveric demonstration glenoid bone loss katarjet set the glenoid bone loss set helps surgeons address the complex issue of shoulder instability caused by bony pathology such as anterior glenoid bone loss, bony bankart, glenoid fracture or engaging hillsachs lesions. Recognize the surgical indications and technical pearls for conversion of a failed shoulder arthroplasty to a reverse total shoulder arthroplasty identify the surgical indications and contraindications for the latarjet procedure determine the biomechanical rationale and mechanisms of stability augmentation of the latarjet procedure. The modified arthroscopic latarjet procedure may be applied successfully to the treatment of anterior glenohumeral instability, with good patient satisfaction and functional outcome.

Arthrex congruent arc latarjet through subscapularis split. The latarjet procedure is a wellknown, safe and reliable technique to treat primary or recurrent anterior dislocations or subluxations, with or without hyperlaxity, with or without glenoid bone loss. Herein, we describe the new technique and devices and evaluate its ability to. Schmieding shared his concept at a recent arthrexhosted event at its headquarters in naples, fla. Sven lichtenberg involves dissecting the ca ligament and pectoralis minor from the coracoid and performing a coracoid osteotomy. He is the inventor of the wedged profile plate for the latarjet procedure develop by arthrex inc. Latarjet procedure for shoulder instability procedure modifies your shoulder socket. Cardiovascular complications, including venous thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, and heart attack cardiac arrest are risks associated with any surgical. In certain patients, the possibility of failure after a latarjet procedure is greater than others.

The glenoid bone loss set helps surgeons address the complex issue of. Congruentarc latarjet using the glenoid bone loss set. Anatomical glenoid reconstruction using fresh osteochondral. These surgeons visited collier county from all over the world to learn more about cuttingedge products and related surgical techniques in minimally invasive orthopaedic surgery at. Reinhold schmieding, founder and president of orthopedic device manufacturer arthrex, inc. They are growing globally and there are lots of opportunities to work with international colleagues. Aaos ases reverse total shoulder and latarjet procedures. The outcomes and surgical techniques of the latarjet procedure. The latarjet procedure is a common method for treating recurrent glenohumeral joint dislocation associated with a bony defect in the anterior glenoid. Meticulous surgical technique and a good understanding of the local. A free inside look at arthrex offices and culture posted anonymously by employees.

Pars percutaneous achilles repair system achilles jig. The original search provided a total of 344 studies. The coracoid is then marked with a surgical pen arrow, and a line. Jose carlos garcia jr naeonsanta catarina hospital. This technique provides a simple, reproducible, minimally invasive technique for acute acromioclavicular joint stabilization which enables a rapid return to activity for the acute injury. This surgical technique was prepared with the guidance of prof. Thus, a latarjet coracoid process transfer is performed based on preoperative diagnostic imaging and arthroscopic evaluation of the percentage of bone loss. Latarjet procedure shoulder surgeon dr david colvin perth duration. Modified arthroscopic latarjet procedure with coracoid. Helping surgeons treat their patients better arthrex is a global medical device company and leader in new product development and medical education in orthopedics. However, depending on the case, some surgical procedures for the treatment of recurrent anterior. Contraindications and complications of the latarjet procedure. Latarjet technique for treatment of anterior shoulder instability with.

Surgical technique position the patient in the beach chair or lateral decubitus position under a general anesthesia supple mented with a scalene block. Latarjet procedure for shoulder instability arctic. Arthrex animation of the latarjet technique for anterior stabilisation. In an attempt to make the arthroscopic latarjet procedure safer and to reduce complications associated with the traditional screw fixation, we have developed a novel surgical technique and fixation method involving a guided surgical approach for graft positioning and the use of specific suture buttons for fixation. We are a liquidator of sutures and other surgical items from ethicon, covidien autosuture, synthes, stryker, arthrex and are able to pass our savings on to you. And the work, selling a great product made work easy and fun. If an acute injury or illness should occur please call the arthrex medical center amc to notify us about the nature of the injury. Videos smithtown, ny woodbury melville, syosset, ny. A 5cm skin incision is made, starting at the tip of the coracoid process and extending inferiorly. Dr thompson is an orthopedic surgeon in ellsworth, augusta and bangor, me. Arthroscopic stabilization of acute acromioclavicular.

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