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Halflife physics reference halflife physics reference. Nv sir funny compilation only for his student and fan best teacher of physics etoosfunnymoment duration. At the start of the measurement the radioisotope has 10,000 unstable nuclei. Year 9 aqa gcse physics revision booklet atomic structure and radioactivity. This is an unofficial documentation for the physics governing the halflife universe. A much more useful quantity for dealing with the life of radioactive substances is the halflife. By taking the activity of a sample and comparing it to the activity of a living sample of equal mass the age can be determined. Decay equations and halflife nuclear fission and fusion xrays xray imaging diagnostic tools ultrasound. Two week revision plan how to get an aa in 14 days. Comprehensive revision notes for gcse exams for physics, chemistry, biology. A discarded oyster shell from someones dinner eaten 11,460 years ago two half lives would have onequarter the 14. Some do it very slowly and half of the unstable nuclei take. Half life radioactive decay aqa gcse physics single.

Author mrs physics posted on 19th february 2018 20th january 2020 categories revision tags n5, nat 5, physics, plan, revise, revision, sqa leave a comment on 10 week revision plan interpreting graphs a few folk have worried that they cant interpret graphs, so ive gone through some sg credit papers and written a few questions. Formula revision booklet thanks to ella mannandrews. Some do it very quickly and half of the unstable nuclei decay in less than one second. Gcse physics index page halflife links to all revision. Like other science subjects, physics has a pure theoretical side and an applied. Igcse radioactivity revision booklet teaching resources. On the other hand, the halflife of nitrogen is less than 10 minutes.

Make reference to the focal lengths of the eyepiece and objective lenses. You would divide 640 by two to find out what it is after one half life. If a sample of a tree for example contains 64 grams g of radioactive carbon after 5,730 years it will contain 32 g, after another 5,730. When you have completed the booklet go to the schools website and find the relevant mark scheme and mark your work. Also note of all the areas of the physics that you werent totally sure about. Scientists use radioactive materials with different halflives in various ways. The halflife t12 of a quantity subject to exponential decay is the time required for the quantity mass, number of atom or activity to decay to half of its initial.

Halflife if the life of a radioactive substance is taken to mean the time that elapses before the activity drops to zero, then it is clear from the graph below that we would be waiting forever. You would keep doing this until you got down to 40, which is in this case after 4 half lives. The concept of halflife does not appear in some foundation gcse exams. The halflife of a radioactive source is the time taken for half the material to decay. Nasa apollo 14 image as14679366 when the apollo astronauts landed on the moon they left behind equipment to monitor such things as the moons internal temperature, its magnetic and. If the answer you have written is not right, change it to the correct answer by copying. Physics igcse 2012 exam revision notes by samuel lees and adrian guillot 1. Determine the halflife of a sample if it decreases from g to 250g in 2.

All text is lifted from and of chapter 24 of edexcel igcse physics student book and the accompanying revision guide. Physics revision on radioactivity igcse year 10 quizlet. Different radioactive isotopes have different halflives, e. Physics combined science trilogy revision booklet 1 contents page page number contents 2 how to use your study pack. The connections between physics and real life can seem remote. Determine the age of the earth using rutherfords method and contemporary data, then compare your results with the currently accepted value of 4. Gcse radioactivity and halflife booklet teaching resources. Keep a note of the methods i use to decode and to answering questions. Stability or rate of decay of a radioisotope is measured in halflife. The halflife of an isotope is the time taken for half the nuclei to decay, or the time taken for the activity to halve. That radioactive decay is random and that the halflife of a radioactive isotope is the time it takes for the number of nuclei of the isotope in a sample to halve, or the time it. Physics is the study of energy, forces, mechanics, waves, and the structure of atoms and the physical universe.

Creative commons sharealike other resources by this author. Ib physicsatomic and nuclear physics wikibooks, open. The halflife of radioactive carbon14 is 5,730 years. Physics combined science trilogy revision booklet 5 forces book ref. Physics revision on solids, liquids and gases revision booklet.

The halflife of a radioactive substance is a term which is commonly misunderstood. See more ideas about gcse revision, aqa, science revision. Describe how a telescope uses two convex lenses to create a magnified, virtual and inverted image of a distant object. It is also the time it takes for the countrate of a substance to reduce to half of the original value. See more ideas about physics revision, physics and gcse physics. A timber found in a home built 5730 years ago one half life would have half the 14 c. The halflife of uranium235 is more than 700 million years. Halflife is the time it takes for half of the radioactive particles to decay. Absorbed dose gray gy is the dose when 1 joule is absorbed by 1kg of tissue. The current model of the atom that we use today was born. This my fourteen day plan of what you need to do to get an a in a level physics. Halflife is a measure of the time taken for the unstable nuclei to change into stable nuclei.

A radioactive isotope has a half life of 15 minutes. Halflife of a radioisotope how long is it radioactive. This is called the half life of radioactive material or radioisotope. So two hours represents 4 halflives, so the half life is 30 minutes. Year 11 aqa gcse physics revision booklet paper 1 particle model of matter density of materials know. Energy transfer by heating conduction, convection, evaporation, condensation. Half life is the period of time average, though accurate for a large number of atoms required for the rate of decay of a radioactive sample to decrease to half its initial value. State the difference between a scalar and vector quantity. Uk secondary school physics, free downloadable teaching resource. The best way to remember the information in this chapter is to get a pen and paper and write down your answers before clicking on the answer link which will take you to the correct page you may have to read through some of the page before you find the answer. Halflife aqa gcse physics revision notes save my exams.

In reality, physics is not a purely abstract subject. Isaac physics a project designed to offer support and activities in physics problem solving to teachers and students from gcse y11, through to university. Written by expert teachers for the cie igcse 91 0972 ag 0625 syllabus. Halflife in radioactive decay windows to the universe. Physics introduction too often the study of physics at a level can seem theoretical and abstract. Units and quantities errors and uncertainties scalars and vectors. Rate of thermal energy transfer temperature difference, shape, dimensions, mass, type of material. Initially, there are 20 million undecayed na24 nuclei.

A radioactive isotope has a half life of 5000 years. You also need to be able to model radioactive decay processes, be able to measure a halflife on a graph, and execute halflife calculations. Polonium211 decays to lead207 with a decay constant. Infrared radiation electromagnetic waves, absorb, emit, infra red, pir. Below you will find our collection of revision notes and video tutorials. The booklet below was issued to students at the start of january. See more ideas about gcse science, gcse science revision and science revision. Dose equivalent sievert sv is related to the biological harm caused by the absorbed dose. The idea is students do a little, often every week so they complete the bulk of the revision in plenty of time. That radioactive decay is random and that the half life of a radioactive isotope is the time it takes for the number of nuclei of the isotope in a sample to halve, or the time it. Doc browns chemistry ks4 science gcse physics revision notes. Carbon14 has a half life of 5570 years because it stopped being produced when the object died the radioactive exponentially decreases over time. Free physics revision notes on the topic half life.

The decay of an unstable nucleus is a random event and is independent of chemical or physical conditions. During beta decay a neutron turns into a proton and an electron this. The radioactive decay of na24 can be studied using a gmtube and a counter to find the number of counts per second at various time intervals. Different radioactive materials have different halflives. Kinetic theory states of matter, solids, liquids, gases. The isotope uranium238 has a half life as long as 4.

Halflife or t12 is defined as the time taken for the activity of the sample to halve. Radioactivity quantities and units activity becquerel bq is 1 disintegration per second. These wikis focus on the storyline and casual gaming aspects of the halflife series video games. For the best revision experience, use both the notes and the videos at the same time to help you follow along. Physics combined science trilogy revision booklet 2 109 interdependence adaptations, interdepence and competition. Free 52 csnewin electricity edexcel igcse powerpoint. It starts with a radiation level of 1600 countssec.

There have been many very comprehensive wikis for games in the halflife series, such as the halflife wikia and the combine overwiki. Written by the expert teachers at save my exams for the aqa 91 gcse physics exam. We cannot predict exactly which atom will decay at a certain time but we can estimate, using the halflife, how many will decay over a period of time. Halflife is the time it takes for the activity of a radioactive substance to drop to half its original value. The animation below explains the half life of a radioactive isotope. It refers to the time taken for the amount of a radionuclide in a sample to decrease by 50%. It is different for different radioactive isotopes. Combined science study pack ark helenswood academy. Designed by expert teachers at save my exams for the edexcel igcse 91 physics syllabus. Halflife is the time it takes for half of the unstable nuclei in a sample to decay or for the activity of the sample to halve or for the count rate to halve. For example, lithium8 has a halflife of only 085 seconds. It breaks the revision for biology, chemistry and physics down into weekly areas to revise, cross linked to the relevant revision guide pages and revision workbook pages.

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