Glitches kino der toten ps3 not patched

All the zombie glitches that still work are in this link subscribe for more black ops zombie glitches and black. This video features the best glitch for kino now there is a out of map glitch but everyone can do it so i decided this was the best one. Total war cheats bioshock infinite cheats, xbox 360, ps3. Click this link for the greatest mw3 glitches comrspproductionz subscribe for more black ops zombie. One is the regular zombies, the next are thecreepy crawlers also known as gas zombies, and the last ones are a wave itself like in shi no numa. On kino in the first five rounds do not open any doors and throw all of your frags into the teleporter. Buy the bowie knife after the zombie hits you once. How to carry out the teddy bear glitch in black ops. I know glitches are kinda bad, but can anyone tell me some glitches and how to do them. All the zombie glitches that still work are in this link watch. If cheat is usable dont forgot thumbs up and share this with your freinds. Go to zombies multiplayer or online with other players.

This will multiply the chances of getting a power up when you kill a zombie. Black ops on the playstation 3, a gamefaqs message board topic titled what zombie glitches non patched do you know. Black ops zombies top 5 easter eggs you didnt know duration. Always get ray gunthundergun in kino cheats for call of. Can anyone tell me some glitches for call of duty black. Black ops on the playstation 3, a gamefaqs message board topic titled what zombie. If you get a teddy bear covered in blood, you will hear demonic childs laughter, and the box will disappear, only to spawn in a random place. You need crawler light weapon eg,blastic knife is best as its far jump, but ray gun works,colt,python ect juganaught not neccesery but helps text tut. The first one is a dog barrier behind the teleporter.

Lagswitch steamdu7v gamertag wiilllay psnitsdu7v black ops 3. Have you heard any rumors that if you find three rocks you can play a hidden song. As you turn on the power go to the right side of the telporter and move backwards as far as you can. The lobby is a mid size room with 4 zombie windows. While your character is twirling the knife in his hands, allow the crawler to hit you again, downing you. It is on call of duty black ops for wii, xbox 360 and ps3. Click here to watch the out of five glitch not patched. Also when getting a mystery box crouch and shoot 7 shots with the m1911 into the top left corner of the box. Dont know if its a actuall glitch or not maybe luck but my friends told they done this one. Does anyone know any unpatched zombie glitches in black ops and does anyone have any tips to get the zombie trophies. Dude this aint my video and second i want this to get patched i want zombies to 100% skill not glitches i want people to abuse this so treyarch has to patch it. If you enjoyed the glitch and want to try it out yourself feel free to like the video and comment on your thoughts, or if theres other finds you want me to make a video of.

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